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What is WiFi? | About Our Lake Havasu WiFi Hot Spot | How to Sign Up for WiFi | WiFi Help & FAQ's | Problems?
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Campbell Cove RV Resort Lake Havasu WiFi Service

Our Lake Havasu RV Park provides commercial Lake Havasu WiFi Internet AND Cable Internet Services. Services are optional and require an additional subscription fee. FREE Wifi service is available to our guests in the office.

What is WiFi?

WiFi (short for wireless fidelity), is a technology that allows you to reliably and securely send and receive wireless data with nothing more than a WifI enabled laptop or PDA and a "hotspot" or network access point.

You may have heard it referred to as 802.11b or 802.11g - it's all WiFi Your connection to the Internet is not a cable, but a radio signal. As long as your computer is within about range of our Lake Havasu WiFi enabled RV park, you can gain full access to the Internet on a high speed WiFi Internet connection.

About Our Lake Havasu WiFi Hot Spot

Campbell Cove RV Park is a Lake Havasu Commercial WiFi Hot Spot. This means our RV Park guests can optionally purchase time on our WiFi network with their credit card and access the network simply by visiting our log in page and logging in. Our WiFi rates are competitive and our service is second to none.

How To Access our Lake Havasu WiFi Internet Service


1. Start your PC, laptop or PDA - Make Sure Your WiFi Adapter is TURNED ON!
If it's WiFi enabled, you will see the hotspot welcome page when you open your Internet browser.

- Existing WiFi subscribers
Lake Havasu WiFi Express Accessclick on the "Login" button for express access to the Internet.

- New WiFi subscribers
Lake Havasu WiFi Option ASign up for our WiFi in the office or...
Lake Havasu WiFi Option Bclick on the "Get Started" button to access the new subscriber's page.


On the new subscribers page you wil find:
Lake Havasu WiFi Service Plan AAn overview of the service plans available
Lake Havasu WiFi Service Plan BA list of pricing plans available - just as much time as you need

What do I need To access your wiFi Hotspot?

A WiFi enabled device is a laptop or PDA with a wireless adapter that supports 802.11b networking.

Most laptops and PDAs sold today are already 802.11b capable, and wireless network cards are available for older models from computer retailers, computer manufacturers, or internet service providers.

Your operating system should also be 802.11b enabled - Our WiFi hotspot is tested to support Microsoft® Windows® 2000®, XP®, Windows 7® and Macintosh® OS X operating systems.

Our Lake Havasu WiFi Hotspot is also optimized for browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 or higher and Netscape® Navigator® 4.7 or higher (Windows); Safari 1.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 or higher, and Netscape Navigator 4.7 or higher (Macintosh).


How do I get help and Support if I need it?


You will find a 24/7 Toll Free Help and Support Phone Number In the Special Guests Area of our web site, you will find extensive Lake Havasu News and Information along with Happenings at Campbell Cove RV Resort, Lake Havasu Events, Things to do in Havasu, Dining, FAQ's and more really cool stuff. Also provided is a 24/7 Toll Free support phone number for Campbell Cove RV Resort Lake Havasu WiFi subscribers who need assistance or run into problems.


How to Connect to our Lake Havasu WiFi Hotspot
(Microsoft Windows)


WiFi How To Check PointWhen you are parked at our Lake Havasu RV Resort, turn on your computer and look for the
spacer wireless network icon
in your system tray (usually located at the bottom right of your computer
spacer screen.

Assuming you have one, the wireless icon should look something like thisWiFi Bullet Pointwifi icon.
Notice: the little radiation/radio waves extending from the icon above to the right
and the little red x indicating it is OFF or Disconnected.

WiFi How To Check PointRight mouse click the icon and choose "View available wireless networks" from the popup list.

WiFi How To Check Point Select Campbell Cove RVWiFi by left clicking it (shown below)

Choose Wireless Network

WiFi How To Check PointClick The "Connect" button. After a few seconds you should see a "Connected" message next to the network (image spacerabove) confirming you are connected.

WiFi How To Check PointOpen your web browser and you should be taken to our WiFi home page that looks like this:

Lake Havasu WiFi enabled RV Park

Campbell Cove RV Resort WiFi Plans and rates vary depending on length of time and are available in the office.

How to establish a WiFi account:


Once you Click the connect link you should be connected to the Internet and our special guests are where you will find all kinds of useful information to help make your stay at Campbell Cove RV Resort in Lake Havasu more plesant and enjoyable. Happy surfing!

WiFi Problems and FAQ's

My browser won't allow me to log into your WiFi Network

My Browser won't allow me to enter or access the WiFi network!

Make sure your firewall is set to allow www.campbellcovervresort.com and https://wireless.nnu.com

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